About Dorian

Dorian Mode, a highly acclaimed jazz pianist and composer, holds multiple awards to his name. After completing his studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Dorian’s exceptional talent led him to sign with EMI Records, becoming one of the few local jazz artists to secure a major record deal in Australia. His debut CD, “Rebirth of the Cool,” featured collaborations with renowned jazz luminaries like Bernie McGann and others.

Throughout his career, Dorian has released numerous CDs, earning accolades such as the ABC Music Award for Best Instrumental and Best Jazz Composition. One of his compositions was even published in the esteemed Australian Jazz Real Book. Beyond the jazz realm, Dorian has composed music for a TV series on FOX in the US, and his moving musical score for the play “The Good German” at the Seymour Centre earned him an ABC Music Award for Best Theatrical Score.

In addition to his musical achievements, Dorian is a talented writer, with his humorous novels published by Penguin and Random House in Europe. He has also gained international recognition as a playwright, with his works being published and worldwide and in translation. Dorian’s creative prowess extends across multiple artistic domains, making him a truly multifaceted and accomplished artist.